Where businesses save money by trading goods & services with each other

Trade bouquets for business cards

Does your flower shop need new business cards? Find local designers and printers looking for love.

Trade cleaning for accounting

Does your cleaning business need some accounting help? Find an accountant that needs a clean office.

Trade haircuts for dog walks

Need to close your hair salon early so you can look after your dog? Find a local dog walker looking for a new do.

Starting and running a business is expensive.

Entrepreneurs on Barter Market trade goods & services with other businesses in order to save money when starting and operating their own businesses.

They also gain valuable exposure and new customers in their community!

Trading on Barter Market is easy.

1. Post your trade offer - what your business can provide in a trade - and choose an approximate retail value.

2. Have fun searching Barter Market for other businesses that are willing to trade what you are looking for.

3. Send them a message, and start bartering!

Cash flow problems because clients are slow to pay?

Trade instead.

Whether you are an interior decorator, corporate event planner, landscaper or even a plumber, running a business can mean getting paid takes longer than expected.

Making trades with other businesses on Barter Market is a fun and social way to bridge this gap - giving you resources to keep growing your business while waiting to get paid.

How to:
Start a Fitness Class business for $0.00 with the help of Barter Market.

1. Establish an online presence by creating an Instagram account with videos of you giving lessons.

2. Sign up for a free trial on Barter Market.

3. Trade a personal one-on-one session with a local print shop owner for 100 business cards and 100 flyers.

4. Post flyers around town and hand out business cards at local community centers, gyms and fitness meetups.

5. Trade free group classes with a local ballet school owner for use of their studio space during down time.

6. Hold your first class in the space with the customers brought in from your advertising, and start getting paid!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a business, is this a normal thing to do?

A: Absolutely! Businesses are already bartering their services every day - and gaining valuable exposure while doing so - they just haven't had an easy way to find fellow businesses interested in doing the same thing. Until now!

Q: Who oversees the trades?

A: Though the final exchange occurs directly between the two parties trading, Barter Market screens all businesses signing up, and we take an active role in ensuring trades are completed successfully. This includes address verification, online review assessment and feedback from our users. Our team is also available to assist with arranging for safe meeting places.

As we take trades very seriously, we will remove any business proven to not live up to their end of a trade. Send any issues to disputes@bartermarket.co.

Q: Will this complicate my business taxes?

A: Not at all - businesses in North America can legally barter for goods and services. Canada treats barter transactions like regular business transactions and expenses, and in the USA businesses report barter transactions with a designated form.

Simply record them as such in your record keeping using their 'fair market value'.

Businesses of all types are in demand on Barter Market:

Advertising & PR

Art & Design

Automotive & Transportation

Cleaning & Laundry


Delivery & Logistics

Equipment Rental

Events & Planning


Farms & Produce

Finance & Accounting

Flowers & Gifts

Hair & Beauty

Handy Work & Tradespeople

Health & Fitness

Home & Decorating

Internet & Software

Landscaping & Building Exteriors

Live Entertainment



Printing & Documents

Restaurants & Catering

Shopping & Retail

Sports & Leisure


Tutoring, Coaching & Education

and more!

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